>> General terms and conditions

>> General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of hire

Article 1: Purpose

The customer (hereinafter referred to as "the hirer") wishes to hire a bicycle with or without accessories, rented individually or collectively (hereinafter referred to as "the hired goods"), provided by Guil E Bike (hereinafter referred to as "the lessor").

Article 2: Equipment

Each rented bike is equipped with the standard equipment. Electric bikes are equipped with a battery, control terminal and meter. In addition to the standard equipment, the rental company provides a helmet, anti-theft device, repair kit and pump free of charge. The rental company also provides its child trailers and baby seats free of charge.

Article 3: Obligations

The rental agreement is concluded with the hirer in person. The hirer may at any time be designated as the group leader. The hirer must be a natural person over 18 years of age who recognises that he or she is fit to ride a bicycle and has no medical contraindications. Renters must be at least 9 years old and at least 1.30m tall. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult. For minors, the legal guardian agrees to accept responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the minor during the rental period.
As the rented goods are under the responsibility of the hirer, he/she is asked to carry out a basic check of the main functional elements such as (non-exhaustive list): the correct fixing of the saddle, the pedals, the correct operation of the brakes, the good general condition of the frame and the tyres, the gear shifting...
The lessor will carry out an inventory of the rented goods with the lessee to note any signs of wear and tear prior to the present rental. The hirer then acknowledges that the rented goods are rented in perfect working order and undertakes to use them with care. In the event of technical failure of the bicycle during the rental period, the hirer may not claim any damages from the lessor. In the event of a repair, the hirer must report to the rental point. The bike will be repaired or exchanged.

Only a member of Guil E Bike is able to judge whether a repair is due to normal wear and tear, and therefore at the hirer's expense, or whether the repair is due to misuse during the rental period, and therefore at the hirer's expense. The lessor reserves the right to charge the client the amount shown in the table below

Article 4: Conditions of use

The hirer undertakes to use the rented goods himself. The lending or subletting of the rented goods is strictly forbidden.
The hirer is held personally responsible for any infringement of the Highway Code as well as for any personal injury or material damage caused by the use of the rented goods for which he/she is responsible. The wearing of a helmet is not compulsory but is strongly recommended. The hirer acknowledges that the lessor has offered him a helmet on loan.
The hirer undertakes not to use the bicycle beyond its capacity. Before departure, the lessor shall provide all the information necessary for the proper use of the rented goods. The hirer shall also be informed about the battery life and the recommended distance to be covered. In case of exhaustion of the battery, the lessor cannot be held responsible. During each period of non-use of the bicycle, the hirer undertakes to systematically attach the frame of the bicycle and the front wheel to a fixed support (post, barrier, etc.) using the anti-theft device provided.

The use of the luggage racks is strictly limited to carrying non-bulky objects not exceeding a weight of 22kg. It is forbidden to carry a person. The use of baby seats is reserved for children weighing between 9 and 22kg, and aged at least 10 months. The child must be secured at all times with the strap provided and wear the helmet provided. The use of the trailer is reserved for the transport of a maximum of 2 children, aged between 10 months and 6 years (max height 117cm). The total weight of the children must not exceed 45kg. Helmets must be worn. Bends and descents must be negotiated with the utmost care and the cyclist must remain in control of his speed at all times. The hirer is not allowed to exceed 15km/h downhill with a trailer.

Article 5: Ownership

The rented goods remain the exclusive property of GUIL E BIKE for the duration of the rental period. The rental transfers the legal custody of the rented goods and engages the tenant's "civil liability" insurance in the event of theft and for all damage that he may cause during the use of the bike, until the bike is returned to the rental point.

Article 6: Application

The rental shall take effect at the time the hirer takes possession of the rented goods delivered to him/her, after the departure briefing by GUIL E BIKE staff. The present contract is only valid for the duration of the rental. If the lessee keeps the rented goods beyond this period without having regularised his situation, he shall lose the benefit of the guarantees provided for in the contract. The hirer undertakes to pay the rental amount when the rented property is made available. The hirer undertakes to return the rented goods at the agreed time. Any overrun of the time limit may be invoiced by the hour at the posted rate.

Article 7: Liability

The hirer releases the lessor from any liability arising from the use of the rented goods, in particular with regard to the physical, material and immaterial consequences of accidents of any kind. The hirer declares that he/she is the holder of a personal civil liability insurance policy that guarantees the liability incurred during the use of the rented goods both by himself/herself and the persons in his/her care.

The hirer is personally liable for damage, breakage and theft of the rented goods. Damage to the rented goods, theft or loss will be charged to the hirer according to the posted tariff.

Article 8: Deposit

For all rentals, the hirer must pay a deposit of 1000€/VAE and 2000€/Electric mountain bike, by credit card or by cheque made out to GUIL E BIKE. This deposit will not be cashed. On return of the rented goods, the deposit is returned to the hirer or simply cancelled.
In the event of damage noted at the end of the rental period, the hirer authorises the lessor to deduct from the deposit the sums due for the repair of such damage, on the basis of the amounts shown in the table below. It is agreed that the amount of the deposit shall in no case constitute a guarantee limit, the lessor retaining, if necessary, the right to sue the lessee to obtain full compensation for his loss.

Article 9: Insurance

In order to reduce by 50% the amount of the sums due in the event of damage noted at the end of the hiring of the rented goods, the tenant has the possibility of subscribing to an insurance proposed by the hirer at the tariff of 3 euros for half a day and 5 euros for a day

Article 10: Assistance

The hirer rents the bicycle in perfect working order. In the event of mechanical problems, it is the responsibility of the hirer to return the bike to the rental point. For minor repairs (puncture,...), a repair kit is provided for each rental. For any other malfunction, he/she must contact a member of GUIL E BIKE as soon as possible so that the rental company can find the most appropriate solution.

Article 11: Appeals

I undertake not to exercise any recourse against GUIL-EBIKE for anything that falls under my own responsibility as it results from the law, the regulations and the present contract