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Children's mountain bike courses

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The electric bike is the ideal way to discover a region when you are not really in shape. The electric battery allows you to multiply the kilometres and to envisage a difference in altitude that helps you to gain height in order to enjoy beautiful views over the valley and to have fun on your bike during a descent that we will have taken care to select for its playfulness and accessibility to all. No need to have a certain level of mountain biking to come and ride your Guil E-bike, especially as your instructor is also there to teach you some basic technical skills that will make it easier for you to handle your electric mountain bike, never forgetting that you are there for leisure!

Our mountain bike routes adapted to children

To ensure that you have a great time cycling during your beginners' or children's course, we design our Discovery Tours down to the last detail. We use trails that are perfectly suited to the VTTAE to explore the valley bottoms and reach beautiful panoramas in the same day. You'll be amazed at how much you can see, even with a low level of mountain biking! The Queyras is our favourite playground. Its location on the border between France and Italy, the variety of its landscapes and its numerous trails make it a great place for electric mountain biking.

Mountain hamlets, pure rivers and bucolic mountain pastures punctuate each day of the course and transform your holiday into a real moment out of time! Adults and children alike will not fail to be amazed by the hike through the larch forests to the high altitude lakes such as Lake Roue or the Font Sancte massif near Ceillac. The courses are a real adventure in the middle of nature and offer a varied terrain that you will never tire of exploring and taking pictures of!

An instructor as passionate as he is pedagogical to supervise the VTTAE courses

By opting for a leisure mountain biking course at the discovery level, you come to pedal, relax and enjoy the pleasure of a holiday in nature. A state of mind that our instructors know well and know how to share with their group! During the course, you will have the pleasure of progressing smoothly, to enjoy the descent more and more and to have less difficulty on the ascent! With all the attention of our instructors, you will soon be able to play the biker enduro pro! Unless you prefer to stay in total holiday leisure mode and simply savour the pleasure of an introductory level cycling course to take your best photos of unspoilt nature: it's up to you, our instructors also know how to adapt to the desires of the group. And for those who want to progress further, we offer real electric bike courses, to learn how to handle your bike in detail.

Whether you are a beginner or a child, you don't have all the equipment you need to ride your ATV in complete safety. Helmet, gloves and other essential equipment are waiting for you in our centre. We remind you that a helmet is compulsory for an adult as well as for a child for any registration to one of our cycling courses!