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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

In order to ensure that everyone finds themselves in the group that suits them, in terms of pace, level and state of mind, it seemed important to us to define our own vision of each level. This is how we have classified our offer throughout the site

  • COOL = Throughout your stay you will cycle on wide tracks that lend themselves to contemplation, the pace is not very fast, although you will obviously have to pedal to make the bike move on mountain terrain. These are our "beginners" trips and outings, of easy level. Ideal for a first approach to electric mountain biking, for those who want an active holiday but have little opportunity to do sport on a daily basis
  • MODERATE = You are a more regular daily rider and enjoy challenging yourself, even if it means getting into the red sometimes. The pace of cycling and the trip remains cool and contemplative, but can include many steeper sections and longer climbs that you obviously have to endure physically and mentally to enjoy the cycling experience. Easy itineraries, Discovery mountain star trips or intermediate All Mountain trips are more likely to be found in this category
  • SPORTSMAN = Sport is your daily routine and sweating profusely is almost a goal of the day for you. Sometimes steep climbs that require good calves and big thighs, varied pedalling rates, relaunching, linking up with descents..., all the while keeping your wits about you of course! Many of our All Mountain Enduro trips take place at this pace
  • INTENSE = You have "the body" as we say back home, and the muscle tone and concentration capacity to withstand long distances and a series of terrains. So we go riding from morning to night, until we run out of two batteries if necessary. Good luck!

In order to ensure that everyone finds themselves in the group that suits them, in terms of pace, level and state of mind, it seemed important to us to define our own vision of each level. This is how we have classified our offer throughout the site

  • BEGINNER = You don't yet master the basic techniques of mountain biking (balance, gear shifting, braking, maintaining your trajectories on narrow trails....) and going into the mountains scares you but you want to brave your limits.
  • INTERMEDIATE = You are comfortable on your bike even on narrow single tracks but many mistakes persist. You don't mind riding in the mountains, but getting into tight corners, steep hills or rocky-rooty trails tends to stress you out and make you tired if it goes on too long. Long, intense rides take a lot of energy and concentration and can increase the risk of falling as the day progresses.
  • CONFIRMED = You can control your bike in the mountains whatever the terrain (crossings, hairpins, roots, rocks, steep climbs and descents, singletracks. ) and you are able to keep your mind clear even on long days. You still have room to improve your style, performance and riding fluidity...
  • EXPERT = You have full control of your bike in all situations and you are autonomous in the mountains. You are able to keep up the pace, even on long days with 2 batteries for example. The guide may find it difficult to keep up with you..... but he knows the paths you should not miss and allows you not to worry about the route, so trust him!

All our stays are organised in accommodation that regularly works with cyclists

Understanding the expectations of mountain bikers, secure storage space, dedicated space for cleaning and maintenance of the bike, what else ... beer on tap?

Beyond that and because of our taste for the arts of the table, we are concerned with the quality of the welcome and the meals. Most of the time, you will sleep with hosts with whom we have built up a relationship of trust and friendship over the years

On each trip, we leave with the necessary equipment to take care of or repair our frames (workshop stand, very elaborate toolbox, spare parts box,...).

If the repair is important and you are in the Queyras, we can also bring your bike to the shop. As a "staycation" customer and because we are also the shop manager, you will have priority at the workshop. A real asset for our structure!

Yes, of course!

The guides who work with us also have a professional liability insurance and are declared as sports educators. Most of them have a BEES in cycling activities, a BEES in mountain guiding + mountain bike qualification, a BPJEPS in mountain biking or a DJEPS in mountain biking.

The guides all have a well-stocked repair kit and a first aid kit.

In the event of an accident, our guides also have a VHF radio to contact the PGHM team in the mountains more quickly

A water point is always available at our partner accommodation providers.

In case of breakage, we can provide you with a top-of-the-range ATV

When you rent a bike from us, a repair kit (patch, pump, inner tube, tyre changer, multi-tools) is provided.
In the event of electronic failure or mechanical breakdown, the Bike Center can be reached at 06 95 07 29 61.

No worries. This is the kind of detail on which we have built our reputation in the small world of ATVs.

Several factors come into play when assessing the range needed for each ride. The bike, the capacity and age of the battery, the power of the motor, the size and more or less optimal use of the cassette, the frequency of pedalling, the size of the thighs, the size of the stomach...

Each guide in the team knows how to take each of these factors into account and anticipate battery changes if necessary, modify the route in real time if necessary

To set a base, our All Mountain and Enduro trips are now (in 2023) designed for a person of 80 Kgs with a 625 WH battery

Our Discovery Stays are still designed for a person of 80 Kgs with a battery of 500 WH only

In order to make the most of certain areas and/or to transport our luggage, our tours sometimes require a logistical follow-up (Truck + driver).

You will be transported in an extended 9-seater truck type VIVARO with a specific bicycle trailer with a comb that folds down on the rear wheels to avoid the damage often generated by transport

The driver (or the guide if he is also the driver) is responsible for the load.

As GUIL-EBIKE has a contract with the company, the insurance policy of GUIL-EBIKE would take care of this kind of damage.

Report, back and forth emails, repairs...

Yes, we do. We are obliged to check that you are well covered in case of accident during a stay

GUIL-EBIKE is covered for all its activities by AXA insurance and works with Allianz Voyages for its travel agency activity

For your part, first check that you are covered by your usual insurance policy. If this is not the case, or simply for peace of mind, you can take out cancellation, repatriation or comprehensive insurance through Mondial Assistance at the time of registration.

Please note that for cancellations this can be interesting if you do not pay by card.

Do not hesitate to ask Lucie who will be able to inform you about these subjects in detail

Yes, that's right.

You switch to a different calculation method. The rate becomes degressive according to the number of people.

Most of the time the group rate also means privatisation of the stay. Generally it is from 5 persons that it becomes interesting

Contact us directly by phone and we will send you a tailor-made quote

Yes, it has even become a strong point of our organisation within the agency.

With a solid local knowledge of the Southern Alps and the Italian Piedmont, we are now able to organise an efficient response to the demand for tailor-made holidays and services. You will find on our site a wide range of packaged services, but it is indeed possible to modify the copy to suit your expectations even more.

You can also privatise a stay if you find yourself with someone who does not ride at the same pace.

For all these requests, do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or fill in the contact form