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Enduro Paradisio

Incursion into the heart of the Valle Maira in VTTAE enduro mode

Enduro Paradisio

Incursion into the heart of the Valle Maira in VTTAE enduro mode
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Difficult to access, deep and enclosed, the wild valleys of the Stura and Maira are two pure marvels for lovers of enduro mountain biking and good times with friends

Thanks to well-tried logistical support, well-placed high altitude drop-offs and a tried and tested itinerary, we can offer you the opportunity to make the most of each sector. There will be something for everyone and the days are likely to be full because with a battery recharge at midday, an available driver and mystical atmospheres at the end of the day, it is possible that you will arrive just at the time of the aperitif, not before... Everywhere big mountains, big differences in altitude, crazy single-tracks in the undergrowth, mythical connections built by the locals between the old Italian hamlets... You have been warned, it's really heavy in this sector!

Add to this the exemplary welcome, the comfortable accommodation and the excellent catering provided by our Italian friends and you have the most exotic ENDURO package in our catalogue.

5 days
On the move

1090 €

5 days
On the move

1090 €

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  • Big differences in altitude, varied trails, real enduro on untracked trails
  • A logistician always available to add the end-of-day bonus...
  • Meals in restaurants and very comfortable gites
  • Repair and cleaning station available
  • Supervision by expert VTTAE guides who know the area well
How to join us for this trip

Details of this service

Alpine pastures Upper Valle Stura

We like to start this trip with a nice loop in the upper the top of the valley. Large alpine pastures, fast trails and big curves and big curves in the alpine pastures, a hyper mountain setting to start with. to start with... Then it's up to us to decide if we want to go for a whether to go for a similar descent or a more challenging trail to finish this first day with a to finish this first day with a playful note, and fast... and committed! Night in a 3* hotel

Vinadio & Bascule en Valle area Maira

A great classic of the area and it is easy to see why! Large-scale landscapes, plunging views over the valley, well-marked paths austere and exotic atmosphere at the same time, progressive ascent of the Nebbia. of the Nebbia... A beautiful atmosphere and a nice negative difference in altitude that will make your pads red and your legs smoke! Transfer at lunchtime to (have a nap) and above all to reach the Gardetta plateau the Gardetta plateau from where a second descent will take you directly to the from which a second descent leading you directly to the hotel by the paths is planned... Great luxury! Night in a 3* hotel

Mt Bellino climb (or drop offs on a selection of Enduro trails)

Climbing 1000m on the pedal is not common in an but when the game is really worth the candle, shouldn't we take advantage of should we not take advantage of the VTTAE to climb to the top? 3000 m of altitude on a VTTAE, that doesn't happen every day! Especially when when they open the door to a descent of almost 1,800m on terrain terrain ranging from "rolling" scree to undergrowth marked out for mountain biking... An alternative programme is provided in case of Nebbia, bad weather or a weather or a real preference for the "shuttle" option Night in a 3* hotel

Up & Down around the Maira

Let's start the day with a first ride to the Elva sector. The climbing path is varied, a little bit but not enough to make an endurist pale in comparison, quite the on the contrary! From the village we go up slightly to find a new descent on a a new descent on a semi-paved path that requires commitment and that requires commitment and flexibility in the arms to hold on to the bottom. to the bottom... Back to the village for a dish of pasta with parmigiano regiano, then parmigiano regiano, then it's back to the second descent where most of us most of us will still ride fast, very fast... Then we switch to the opposite slope but I won't tell you more about it. I won't tell you more...it would spoil the surprise... Night in a 3* hotel  

Openings in the woods... & Rocker back to Valle Stura

How about a busy last morning to to send out some nice bikes before we hit the road again? We've already done a lot so we don't pedal much uphill today to better enjoy the last two the last two descents which are among our top 5 most beautiful in Piedmont. 5 of the most beautiful downhills in Piedmont. We'll have to be awake, so a tight coffee at the start to better lie down at the finish !  

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