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Queyras all Mountain

The great classic, which fits perfectly with the territory, for contemplative sportsmen...

Queyras all Mountain

The great classic, which fits perfectly with the territory, for contemplative sportsmen...

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Without doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps for mountain biking, accessible to all types of levels, the Queyras is now a must for all those who wish to spend time at altitude on their ATV.

Wild hills, authentic villages, 3000+ peaks, breathtaking panoramas, technical rocky trails on one side, velvet trails in the forest on the other... there is something for everyone.

Unlike "Enduro" trips where we try to optimize the negative altitude difference and privilege adrenaline, we are here in a sporting approach, but more contemplative, even epicurean at lunch time... We go down what we have climbed, we sometimes add a shuttle for a more grandiose sequence, we even take pleasure in the technical climbs (avoiding the portage zones of course...), without looking for the time...

4 days
In a star shape
All Mountain

720 €

4 days
In a star shape
All Mountain

720 €

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  • Well laid out routes and scenic paths
  • Lunch in a restaurant to take the time to live, that's also what holidays are all about!
  • Transfers by 9-seater minibus and bike trailer to focus on the best sections
  • Repair and cleaning station available in the evening
  • Supervision by a local guide with a passion for mountain biking

How to join us for this trip

Details of this service

Le grand 8" in Molines - St Véran

Departure from the gîte to get into the swing of things with alternating forest passages and playful paths on the way up and down. downhill. Here you will have a good overview of the trails that that await you! Take the time with your guide during this first day to review day to go over the important technical moves to be comfortable and so that you can feel comfortable and make the most of your stay Night in a comfortable gîte

On J2, we're pulling out all the stops!

Double battery today (or take your charger!) because we're heading to the Ceillac valley for one of the most beautiful the most beautiful All Mountain runs in the Queyras. A very nice climb in the undergrowth in the undergrowth in E-MTB mode, balcony trails with a panoramic view panoramic view, aerial passages and above all, the quality of the trails all day long and lunch at the restaurant to recharge the batteries. to recharge the batteries. Lunch at the restaurant (included) Night in a comfortable gîte

Panoramas in all directions...

Change of sector and altitude to ride on the sunniest valleys the sunniest valleys of the Queyras... Again a nice climb through the woods to reach a mythical pass allowing to the Souliers valley by a path with many twists and turns. From there, we can follow old irrigation canals in the direction of the lake of Roue direction of the lake of Roue, before setting out again in direction another isolated mountain pasture, access point to simply two of the most two of the most beautiful descents in the area... I'm sure you'll buy a beer to the guide on the spot at the arrival to thank him for for this day! Night in a comfortable gîte  

Alpine pastures of Furfande or Clapeyto

To end this trip in style, we take you to the Furfande (or Clapeyto) sector. in the Furfande (or Clapeyto) sector. The great mountain pastures of the Queyras where everything is as good as in the pig, on the way up as well as the descent! A splendid line of horizon and descent on on clay singles that roll like never before, you'd think you were on a pool table. Another very beautiful day to end our trip! tour!

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